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Level II Dybbuk Boxes

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AVAILABLE  Starting  JANUARY  10th 2020

Do you want to see what the Best of the Best really entails?

Any customer who makes a purchase is given credentials to access the Level II page but for those who want a darker Dybbuk and aren’t satisfied with the public offerings, they can purchase login credentials to view the rarest boxes we offer.

This purchase is non-refundable but for anyone buying who uses this option, a one time credit in the amount of the fee ($5) will be applied to any purchase.

Who We Are

Dybbuk Box for Sale.  This came from Russia and has been named the “The Russian Child”

We are collectors and dealers in breathtaking Dybbuk Boxes.  With worldwide connections we are able to deliver the most interesting boxes in the market.  Whether it is one box or multiple that you are interested in, we can provide!

Red wax wooden dybbuk box for sale that is tied with rope-twine.  A very creepy Dybbuk Box for sale.

True Artwork

If your desire is the morbid, horrific, beautiful, artistic or simply fascinating, we offer the most unique boxes available.  

One of our Dybbuk Boxes for sale.  A Nazi German Dybbuk Box with German Soldier and Gypsy Girl.

Our selections are sourced from many different avenues and we are constantly adding to our offerings.  

Our Sold Dybbuk Boxes

Take a moment and see a sample of recently sold Dybbuk Boxes from our collection.

These pieces are a small cross section of what has been sold recently to other collectors.

  We have buyers who have many different reasons for wanting to own a box: divination, occult practice,  as art and artistic reasons, halloween and year-round display, and sheer curiosity.

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