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Who We Are

Dybbuk Box for Sale.  This came from Russia and has been named the “The Russian Child”

We are collectors and dealers in breathtaking Dybbuk Boxes.  With worldwide connections we are able to deliver the most interesting boxes in the market.  Whether it is one box or multiple that you are interested in, we can provide!

Red wax wooden dybbuk box for sale that is tied with rope-twine.  A very creepy Dybbuk Box for sale.

True Artwork

If your desire is the morbid, horrific, beautiful, artistic or simply fascinating, we offer the most unique boxes available.  

One of our Dybbuk Boxes for sale.  A Nazi German Dybbuk Box with German Soldier and Gypsy Girl.

Our selections are sourced from many different avenues and we are constantly adding to our offerings.  

Our Previously Sold Dybbuk Boxes

Take a moment and see a sample of recently sold Dybbuk Boxes from our collection.

These pieces are a small cross section of what has been sold recently to other collectors.

  We have buyers who have many different reasons for wanting to own a box: divination, occult practice,  as art and artistic reasons, halloween and year-round display, and sheer curiosity.

The Paranormal Dybbuk Box

Ghosts, Unexplained Hauntings & the Dybbuk Box

Dybbuk Boxes represent a core belief in the paranormal, death and both explained hauntings and unexplainable hauntings.  The idea is this:  these boxes represent a trapped soul that is in limbo between our existence and what lays ahead after death.

These are more than wayward or “lost” spirits.  They represent a very uneasy and sobering thought:  that a soul can be collected and contained.

The uses and implementation of these boxes range from the occult to the esoteric.  Rituals to tarot readings, fascination to personal use, Dybbuk boxes are seen by many as powerful tool that taps into an extremely “dark“ energy.  It is for this reason that some practitioners of divination (Tarot readings) will use a Dybbuk box while fulfilling a reading of the cards.  There is debate on whether this type of use yields accurate results due to the negative perception that the reading is in a sense tainted.

Along these lines some Dybbuk box owners practice rituals that are best described as “black”.  They feel that being in possession of a Dybbuk box is not a negative for the owner and actually strengthens their abilities.

Since the overwhelming majority of Dybbuk boxes involve a deceased person, the possibility of harnessing this, regardless of whether the end result is for positive or negative ( good or bad ) the temptation for individuals to incorporate one into their practices is usually a starting point for acquiring a box.  The belief that a deceased persons soul ( ghost ) can not only be contacted but actually harnessed is a extremely old tradition that dates back many thousands of years and is held by many cultures and religions.

With that said, the vast majority of Dybbuk collectors do see the box as inherently negative.  A Dybbuk box is not created for containing a positive spirit.  In many cases a box is created out of fear of a deceased soul ( ghost ) that has created a situation that grossly impacts ( hauntings ) the original creator.  Some people have claimed that dabbling in the black arts and rituals unleashed a negativity into their life that could only be contained by creating and using a Dybbuk box.  

This is why there is no real standard in constructing one or what is placed inside, contrary to recent movie depictions.  Regardless if the designer of the box thinks that the negative force is a deceased soul or demon or a combination of both ( due to the deceased person being “bad” in their previous life and it carrying over in death ), the principal goal is containment.

This is the reason that the items placed in the box have meaning to the situation that unfolded with original creator.  Certain objects may have been used in the initial contact or objects became tangible manifestations of the deceased spirit.  In sealing these items inside the box, the belief is that the energy ( ghost / spirit ) will also be sealed by proxy.

This isn’t a new age concept or belief system, pre-Islamic culture of the Arabian Peninsula had a tradition that carried over after the rise of Islam: Djinn.  In Islamic understanding, a Djinn is a spirit / ghost / energy that has a negative connotation attached to it, usually described as “evil” or malice.  It is interesting to note that the term “genie” is directly connected to the word Djinn.  Also it should be noted that our classic view of a “genie” inherently involves a lamp/bottle as a vessel to contain it and that the “owner” of this vessel gains power.

This is why the concept surrounding the Dybbuk box is not owned or native to a single religion, despite what is commonly circulated.  There are many other religions that have uniform traditions that mimic the concept of a Dybbuk box.  Hence why many people see the potential, good or bad, in creating as well as possessing one for themselves.

If you truly want to buy a Dybbuk Box, please purchase a box that you gravitate to.  If you feel a connection to a particular vessel do not be concerned or embarrassed if it is deeply morbid or gruesome.  There is a reason you are attracted to it.  Your feelings and intuition, even subconsciously, will play a deciding factor in which Dybbuk is the correct choice for you.

Paranormal haunting and the Dybbuk Box.

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