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A grave stone of an unidentifiable person.  Dybbuk boxes center around death.


Explaining the Unexplained

Many visitors are intrigued when first confronted with a Dybbuk Box.  Sheer curiosity often befalls anyone who encounters these mysterious vessels.

Currently there is a lot of misinformation that abounds regarding “Dybbuk Boxes” as see on the this one Wikipedia article.  Firstly these boxes have been around for many, many years.  There was already an underground community trading in these boxes since at least the early 1990s.  The article fails to report that there were certain USENET groups trading in Dybbuks well before the early 2000s.  

In its simplistic form these boxes serve as barriers between the living world and any force that should not be here.  In other words they are not merely vessels but entrapments for metaphysical energies that should not exist in our living world.

There are many names for these energies: ghosts, paranormal beings, jinns, apparitions, demons, evil spirits and so forth.  

Some Dybbuks are pure and non-malevolent while other Dybbuks have a sinister origin.  They can be ancient in history or extremely young in terms of their afterlife.  

Many Dybbuks are the result of occult practice gone wrong; a spell casting attempt that used the energy of a spirit not suitable for use, contacting an energy that ultimately was not pure, attempts to communicate with a ghost / spirit that the initiator was ill equipped to interact with or in some cases the Dybbuk was created to prevent someone from obtaining an afterlife such as a ritualistic murder. 

In this extreme scenario where the victim is murdered, the offender incorporates the embedding of a victim through rituals, occult and dark prayer to a Dybbuk Box.  It is perhaps the most vicious and evil form of Dybbuk, rendering the victim hostage to their murderer even past their living ordeal.

Historically Dybbuk Boxes have been associated with Judaic traditions and Jewish Mysticism however many cultures world wide retain elements that correlate to Dybbuks as a whole.  These includes traditions of contacting spirits, hauntings, the occult, appeasements of ghosts, paranormal occurrences, spell castings, evil spirits, exorcisms and rituals involving the use of energy emitted from the afterlife.

There is no “standard” Dybbuk Box.  Remember these are vessels meant to contain an energy that for any reason, good or bad, is locked.  The practice of using wax as a seal is a tradition that surpasses cultures and is ancient.  This is why Dybbuks incorporate this technique.  The wax, like the vessel, is just one aspect of the Dybbuk.  In many cases the Dybbuk contains tangible objects that relate to the entity or spirit.  These can be almost anything from hair, bones, burnt ashes, personal belongings, hand written messages, photos, appeasements and offerings or artifacts used in the initial contact such as when ghosts or spirits have been communicated with.

As with many occult or paranormal misuses, the Dybbuk serves as a means to ”correct” a situation where the entity needs to be contained.  Much like a casket or urn contains the tangible, physical form of a person; the Dybbuk contains the intangible form of the spirit.

In many cases there are numerous religious artifacts from different religions and belief systems.  These belief systems are not competing but rather are used in tandem to bring more power to the Dybbuk in terms of containing the force inside.  Just as there is no one true belief system, there is no one true way in which a evil force or ghost can be reconciled.  This is why, at times, Dybbuks are adorned with multiple items of different religious beliefs.

When dealing with a Dybbuk many times the history and origins are very unclear.  Even when there are photos that may indicate some information such as age or gender, little is known as to why the Dybbuk was created in the first place.  Summoned spirits, ghost hauntings, evil entities and murder victims are just a possibility of why the Dybbuk was created.  

If you are looking for a Dybbuk Box for sale, extreme care must be taken when handling these vessels as powerful forces can lurk behind the wax. There is a reason why the Dybbuk was created in the first place.  As such, these are not toys or decorations.  They are a tangible form of the intangible..